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Jan Bisgaard

Founder and chief consultant


My summary:

My professional interest has become more and more holistic over the years, starting out as a typical engineer focusing on specific functional details, moving my interest towards modules, systems and finally taking responsibility of new wind turbine platform specifications and leading cross functional development teams throughout the complete development process towards market introduction.


I have pronounced skills within people leadership and project management of cross functional environments and I have specialist knowledge on product development and verification methodologies ensuring reliable products.


My People Management perspective:

There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business typically do. I’m convinced that true employee motivation factors have to have an intrinsic nature which lead to conclude that the typical carrot and stick motivation mind-set is short-sighted and only influences the employee with low self-confidence and typically to the worse. The high performing employee will take the carrot and seek for motivation elsewhere.


My Business Leadership perspective:

Global, but also regional business, is changing with an overwhelming speed, radical innovations drive former giants to their knees, newcomers rapidly grow from niche markets and niche customers becoming market leaders.


In this reality, vision and agility is more important than long-term business strategies. I believe that high focus is to be given to business vision and values, believing that successful business leadership is to balance on a knife-edge, continuously adapting change management initiatives to match company profile towards the ever changing surrounding business environment.


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Senior consultant


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  • Do you want to work with technology management?
  • Do you have +10 years’ experience with product or technology development management?
  • Do you have a Master degree or equivalent relevant educational background?
  • Do you have international experience?
  • Do you have an extrovert personality?


If the above matches your profile and you’re motivated to take on new challenges, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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